Tuesday, October 28, 2014


 It's about that time of the year when you can wear a jacket everyday, and I absolutely love it.

   The bomber jacket is a staple in my wardrobe. There are many variations to the bomber jacket. The style I prefer is a little puffy with nylon fabric and details such as a utility pocket on the arm. I love the silhouette of the jacket and how versatile it can be. Today I'm wearing a navy bomber from Topshop with black/navy Balenciaga arenas.

   I have been getting a lot of questions recently regarding which brands I think have the best bomber jackets and where to find them. Personally, four brands that I think have the best bomber jackets are Alpha IndustriesFear of God, BLK DNM and Rick Owens. A good alternative (since those jackets can be pretty expensive) is H&M and Topshop, they're good quality and have a good price point to fit into anyones budget. 

Jacket: Topshop
T-Shirt: Asos
Pants: Kill City
Shoes: Balenciaga

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