Saturday, October 18, 2014


I'm off to see my cousin get married today!

   I love attending weddings (the very few that I go to), I get to spend quality time with my family, take a break from work and most importantly, it gives me a chance to dress up for once. I wore a black Calvin Klein suit with black velvet Del Toro slippers to mix up the fabrics. Walking through New York City in a black suit, it made me feel like I was back in 2010 with Kanye's Rosewood Movement, just without the tie. 

   I also want to take this time to talk about the importance of not only having a black suit in your closet but a well tailored suit at that. In this case, I was originally planning on wearing a grey suit, until I opened my closet and realized that I didn't bring it with me to college *sighs* This black Calvin Klein suit was my go-to piece. Any suit that you own should be tailored, that should go without saying. It hurts my soul when I see people wearing a suit that looks like this. When you put on your blazer, it should not look like a box. The blazer should be fitted and the sides of the midsection should be a little tight so it shapes your body better. Your pants should fit more snug than your blazer and should not have a bunch of folds at the bottom. The fit of your blazer and pants depends on your taste, but getting it tailored will improve your look. For more information about this topic, here is a complete suit rundown/guide that I have found helpful. 

With that being said, happy Saturday everyone!

Suit:  Calvin Klein
Shoes: Del Toro
Watch: Vintage

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