Sunday, December 7, 2014

Golden Hour

   I’m not sure if I’ve said it enough, but I love overcoats. As I walked through Carl Schurz Park on this beautiful/bitter cold day, this jacket from Topman kept me from becoming an ice cube. I love the silhouette and fit of this jacket and it also adds some color into my monochromatic outfits. I wore all black with leather accessories to compliment the black buttons and also bring out and make the tan color really pop.

   If you want to be warm and not wear thousands of layers, I’d invest in heat/thermal clothing. I have been receiving some questions on Tumblr regarding what brands I purchase from and if they truly work. Currently, I wear Uniqlo’s HeatTech clothing and it is the best purchase I could have made this winter. For the price point they offer, it is a no-brainer to pick up some shirts and pants. It works just as good and even better than some of the other more expensive brands. It is the key for surviving the cold and is helping me not look like the Michelin Man this winter.

Jacket: Topman
T-Shirt: Uniqlo
Jeans: Saint Laurent 
Shoes: Balenciaga
Gloves: Bloomingdales

Photos By: Collin Kearby


  1. I must say, I just discovered your work - I love how there is life & personal style here. Keep up the good work, its inspiring.


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