Sunday, May 24, 2015

Up In The Clouds

Let me start off by saying Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!

   If you have kept up with my posts, you know I like to explore. I love being on rooftops, they give you such a different view, literally and figuratively. It’s not often you see the city from a birds eye view. Most rooftops have a dark, earth tone feel, which is why I picked this spot for this outfit. Today I wore a simple “summer” outfit. I wore an off-white denim jacket (because somehow it is still cold in the city in June…) with a white tee underneath. A denim jacket is perfect for spring/summer because even when you take it off, you still have a clean fit. Its not too heavy but is still good enough to keep you warm when the weather hits a low point. For the rest of the outfit, I wore black jeans and black boots to give a contrast to the denim jacket.

What do you guys think of this outfit? Let me know in the comments below!

Jacket: Vintage (Alt. Vintage Gap)
T-Shirt: ASOS

(Photos By: Collin Kearby)

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