Sunday, June 28, 2015

Something Simple

   This weekend I traveled back to my old stomping grounds (Long Island, NY) for a wedding. It was good to get away from the city life for a second and be in a suburb environment.

   My goal with any outfit is to keep it simple, while still being different from the crowd. A shawl lapel is rare to see these days, it’s usually a peak or notch lapel. This Margiela tux with a black satin lapel was the perfect stand out piece. I also wore a white Calvin Klein shirt, buttoned all the way up – personal preference, with my favorite Saint Laurent boots to complete the look.

 You don’t need a crazy colored suit or funky socks to make an impact; sometimes a well-tailored suit with great supporting pieces is all you need.

Tuxedo: Margiela
Shirt: Calvin Klein

(Photos By: Collin Kearby)


Sunday, June 21, 2015

Summer, Summer, Summertime

Kudo’s to you if you sang my title in the voice of the girl from the Will Smith song.

   Even though I’m a fall/winter guy… I’m trying to adapt to the summer weather. I do love the vibe though, everyone is outside, eating ice cream, having fun and enjoying life.

   Today I wore a perfect summer outfit to battle the heat. I wore a white Calvin Klein shirt – extremely light so you’re not dying and sweating, with a pair of light wash jeans from Acne. I did a little DIY on the dress shirt; I cut the sleeves off and rolled them up to add to the aesthetic. For the shoes, I wore tan Saint Laurent boots to add some color while complementing the color palate. I added my favorite hat to give it an overall cool look… and it helps when it’s extremely humid and your hair is looking crazy.

Let me know what you think of this outfit! – Happy Fathers Day!

 Hat:Biltmore Hats (Sold Out)
Shirt: Calvin Klein
Jeans: Acne Studios
Watch: American Apparel (Sold Out, Alternative)

(Photos By: Collin Kearby)


Sunday, June 7, 2015


If you follow me on Twitter or Snapchat, you know how much time I spend going to art galleries around NYC.

One of my favorite exhibits is by Richard Serra at the David Zwirner gallery. The exhibit is entitled “Equal”. When you first walk in it has a dark, empty vibe. Eight blocks are stacked by twos in four different quadrants of the room. The blocks have a rustic feel with different cuts, sizes and curves. There are 3-4 strips of skylight’s that give a blue tint to complete the mood. It gives an indescribable vibe, its beautiful.

The exhibit had a cold, militant feel, so I thought it would be a perfect match for this outfit. I wore an off-white Alexander Wang t-shirt with black Saint Laurent jeans and tan Altama combat boots. The off white shirt compliment's the boots perfectly, any earth tone or basic color will go great with the look. After wearing these boots and playing around with tones/colors, it is the perfect piece to tie everything together.

T-Shirt: Alexander Wang
Boots: Altama

(Photo By: Collin Kearby)
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