Sunday, February 28, 2016

When I Come Back Like Jordan...

Whats good everyone! I am back. I know a lot of you are wondering where I have been and why I haven’t been posting any videos recently.
            As some of you know, I am a college student. From the first day of this semester I have had a RIDICULOUS amount of homework and papers. It has taken up a lot of the time I use to go out and shoot these videos and posts. The NYC cold hasn’t helped either. Just imagine standing on a rooftop when it is 3 degrees outside for hours and hours trying to shoot the perfect video… it gets rough. But, I’m slowly getting back on the grind to make these posts for you guys. As spring and summer start to approach, I will definitely have more content to give you all. (and a couple of dope projects I have been working on) With that being said, lets get into todays post.

            I received a bunch of emails asking about alternatives to outfits and one that’s not extremely expensive. With the outfits I post, it is for inspiration. Take the colors, silhouettes and styles and make it your own. For this outfit, I went with a spring vibe and brought out a denim jacket. Giving it a sharp look, I wore a white button down underneath. I rocked a pair of grey jeans to compliment the colors used and finished it off with brown Saint Laurent boots.

Check what I'm wearing down below.

Jacket: ASOS
Shirt: Calvin Klein
Jeans: Sold Out (Alt. Rag and Bone)
Boots: Saint Laurent Paris (Alt. H&M)

(Shot By: ZatchStorm)

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